a fully-owned subsidiary of Mercury Healthcare International, has been assisting employers that operate ERISA and Taft-Hartley self-funded health benefit plans to create, develop and operate a medical travel benefit program for employees, dependents, executives, and retirees since 2003.

Employers and union health and welfare plans save money and contract directly with high-value healthcare service facilities and practitioners across the USA and worldwide, no matter where their employees work. Contact us today and learn how we can assist you with program design, setup, care coordination and claims management. 


ERISA - Is the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, a federal law in the USA that establishes minimum standards for private industry employers and provides for extensive rules on the tax effects of transactions associated with employer self-funded health and other benefit plans.

Taft-Hartley - is a a federal law in the USA that establishes minimum standards for labor unions and provides for extensive rules on the tax effects of transactions associated with union dues-funded health and other benefit plans.

Employee & Executive Health and Wellness Travel

Benefit Design and Case Management

Mercury Health Travel is one of very few firms in the world with expertise in the design and operation of corporate medical, dental and rehabilitation travel programs for employee and executive health.

Network Development
Full service consultation is available to help ERISA plan administrators design the benefit, draft the program SPD and other plan documents, select & inspect providers, create and operate the provider network, vet the provider and facility credentials experience and training, contract with providers and negotiate fees, and process and pay provider claims.
Globally Integrated
Operationally, the program is similar to the network infrastructure architecture found in most HMOs or PHOs. In 2010, we filed for and received a new term of art registration for this organizational structure from the USPTO as a Globally Integrated Health Delivery System®.
Quick Starts
For quick starts, Approved Providers of health and wellness services in 120 countries are available to provide the full range of diagnostic, surgery, rehabilitation, dialysis, clinical trials and executive checkups in the USA and abroad.
Case Management
Once your selected network is empanelled and contracted, we help you coordinate all plan participant service access using our specially-trained nurse case managers and health travel coordinators, telehealth services, destination coordinators, care continuity back home, and measure savings and satisfaction and clinical outcomes on your behalf on a PEPM fee basis.


Most of our employer and labor union clients use population health management and predictive modeling tools and standard incidence frequency rate volumes to calculate anticipated utilization, case volumes and costs associated with their health travel benefit program.  Upon request of Mercury Health Travel client employers and labor unions, we assist them with provider contract negotiations. However, all contracts and exclusive pricing terms are directly negotiated between suppliers and employers or union health and welfare benefit plan administrators.

Hospitals, clinics and healthcare providers seeking collaboration with Mercury Health Travel may request pre-screening and site visits to determine if they will qualify for third-party network empanellment. However, pre-screening and pre-qualification site visits for Approved Provider status do not guarantee any success or preference by employers and labor union plan administrators.

Each employer or union plan administrator selects its own short-list of qualified providers from our network of Approved Providers according to its company priorities and plan design for its employees, executives and retirees.  All costs associated with site inspections by Mercury Health Travel are borne by the provider.  


Annual Cases Managed Since 2003

Executive Checkups, Surgery, Rehabilitation, Diagnostic Exams, Consultations, Clinical Trials


Consultation is available to help providers prepare for health and wellness tourism service delivery and third-party payment contracting strategy through the Mercury Advisory Group, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mercury Healthcare International.

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Site Inspections

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Health Travel Coordination


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