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What is this site about?

The Center for Health Tourism Strategy is the first and only website dedicated to re-imagining health and wellness tourism and travel.

The Center for Health Tourism Strategy attracts medical tourism entrepreneurs, business owners, investors, health policy and government agencies and provides useful and reliable information, advice, insights, resources, and inspiration for planning, launching, running and growing their medical tourism businesses.  We believe were are making progress to change how the medical tourism industry looks at itself and how it is perceived by the rest of the world.  Here, you'll encounter inspiration from forward-thinking innovators, early adopters and influencers in medical tourism.

There are many articles on this site about developing a marketing, advertising, branding and digital marketing strategies for a health tourism business. Accelerate your knowledge and understanding of what is involved, and how to design a comprehensive marketing strategy for a medical tourism business launch.

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Through our special relationship with the developer, we use the Higowell cloud-based platform-as-a-service, the first and only robust medical tourism and wellness tourism website framework of its kind. Higowell was purpose built to coordinate every aspect of medical tourism and travel planning, transactions, and relationship management.

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If you have decided to work with agents and referral partners to represent your brand to consumers and other buyers of health tourism services (insurers, employers, governments, etc.) you'll find help to prepare the marketing materials, messaging guidelines, and talking points so that they align with and integrate your brand standards.

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Patient Experience (PX)
Medical tourism products are experiential. Medical tourism product design leverages all the local value chain stakeholders into an integrated product developed into an experiential package with storytelling value for the consumer. The storytelling enables earned brand ambassadorship from influencers without "advertising".

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Quality & Safety
Newcomers to the sector who have never worked in healthcare, hospitality or tourism at an operations management level, often lack knowledge of the clinical risks of medical tourism patient care and hospitality management. Ignorance and poor guidance give rise to mistakes and oversimplification.

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International quality and safety accreditation for your organization, is available from over 40 laudable programs around the world. Some are renowned only to the their proprietors and are essentially unrecognized or meaningless to insurers, employers, and the public.

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Regulatory Framework
Many countries, regions and municipalities now view health and wellness tourism as an opportunity for economic development. To manage this, they will need a regulatory framework that touches on 22 or more public sector domains that will require standards and M&E for enforcement.

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Operations Excellence
In most jurisdictions, a public private partnership (PPP) is one of the best approaches when designed with the appropriate and adequate regulatory framework to effectively mitigates risks of co-opting and corruption. PPPs enable business growth, increase tax receipts, provide new skilled jobs and support economic development.

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About the Curators

MAG HWT Team LogoMaria Todd founded Mercury Advisory Group's health and wellness tourism practice in 2003 to fill a market need and share her passion for health tourism business development and strategy. She quickly gained a devoted worldwide following. Now, in this research center website, Maria and her team of global expert advisers generously share hundreds of practicable tips, tools and best practices accessible to visitors, mostly free.

Packed with articles, sample forms, checklists, and educational courses, this practical but inspiring website is Mercury Advisory Group's response to what has been missing from medical tourism trade associations to support the industry for it to thrive and grow.  The Center for Health Tourism Strategy site houses many of the copyrighted tools, research and reference materials our experts need in order to help clients in our paid consulting engagements.  

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The Center for Health Tourism Strategy is the first and only website dedicated to re-imagining health and wellness tourism and travel