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Health Tourism Event Planning

Expand Your Reach. Penetrate New Markets.

Health facilities keen to attract new patients from targeted source markets often host road shows in the US, Canada, Europe, Africa, and Asia.

Typically, a delegation from the hospital accompanied by a few surgeons and consulting physicians, and possibly by some representatives of the destinations’ tourism authorities join the group. 

They tend to talk with media, referring physicians and surgeons, and directly with potential patients. In some roadshows, the surgeons come along and provide fee-based mini consultations at the roadshow locations, and connect with potential patients in a first contact setting.

In other instances, where a certain specialist or surgeon is missing at the destination, the visiting surgeons obtain temporary privileges at the source market and perform the surgery without need for patient travel and then follow up via telehealth in collaboration with a local physician partner.

A third option is to conduct B2B interviews and meetings with insurers, government authorities responsible to pay for health services of citizens who might travel to the facilities’ destinations.

A fourth option is to target Diaspora interested to return to their homeland for surgery. In this case, there may be family support, housing, and subsistence available to them and they may feel more comfortable with familiar treatments, facilities and surgeons from the treatment destination.

Goals & Objectives of Each Event

Typically, road shows occur at each targeted source market for 4-5 days. 

Goals for the event are typically to set up 100 or more free or paid patient prospect consultation appointment prior to arrival during the time span and 30 B2B meetings with insurers, government authorities, tourism delegates, and outbound facilitators at each source markets.

No Time? No Contacts?

Often the CHTS is called to locate a contractor who is available to plan the roadshow for the hospital or surgical facility, coordinate the event from end-to-end, coordinate logistics and worksites for the entourage, setup media interviews, advertise the event, and coordinate all exchange of information so that the visiting specialists and surgeons may lawfully examine patients at the source market.

Options for Your Next Road Show


Health tourism “clusters” often host roadshows featuring different health facilities, hotels and resorts, surgeons, dentists, tour operators and other stakeholders from a variety of supplier/members. 

The entourage that travels to the source market city might include socialites, influencers, business leaders, and the media and feature both B2B and B2C sessions. 

With fierce competition in the health and wellness tourism sectors, suppliers that invest budget in road show events tend to experience shorter sales cycles and higher inbound volumes than their web-based marketing only and referral agent/facilitator-based marketing counterparts.


One single hospital brand with several facilities in its chain may also undertake a road show event with great success. Delegates include brand administrators and their surgeons and consulting specialists. This gives prospective patients more options while controlling revenues to be steered to the brand as a whole rather than to a single facility at a single destination.