All throughout our website, you may find banner advertising from our corporate sponsors. Corporate sponsorship is a form of advertising and marketing in which companies pay to be featured or associated or connected to industry and the public as well as social causes or educational programming and events that align with their business.

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45% are reinvested into enhancements, courses, our learning management system, site development programming costs and hosting expenses.

30% are invested into marketing advertising and pull marketing to grow awareness of the CHTS website and learning management platform and upcoming events registration capabilities and costs.

25% is used to cover labor-related expenses of employees and freelancers to provide sponsor support, telephone answering, and help with posting, notification marketing, etc.


45% is reinvested in event production, speaker honoraria, and event marketing amplification.

25% is reinvested into event cancellation and general and other required liability insurance to ensure successful completion of the event.

30% is reinvested into fair wages for temporary labor costs related to event production. 

70% social media
20% on-site interaction
10% experiential /gamification

Yes. Currently, the advisory board consists of:

  • Maria Todd
  • Ilan Geva 
  • Julia Khomych 
  • Priyanka Solanki 
  • Subhakara Valluri 
  • and others who are asked to assist from time to time.

All advisory board members serve as uncompensated volunteers.

If you have interest in joining and serving on the advisory board, please contact us.

The corporate sponsors on the Center for Health Tourism Strategy website include consultants, software companies, hospitals, clinics and health facilities, surgeons, hotels and resorts, facilitators, airlines, destinations, and other health tourism investors and stakeholders. The Center for Health Tourism Strategy is a popular resource for people and companies just starting in health tourism and those well-established. Sponsors benefit from exposure and loyalty from the industry stakeholders exposed to their brands and brand value.

Health tourism businesses and those that supply ancillary services to the industry are increasingly invested in professional events and educational opportunities to promote their healthcare, tourism, and ancillary services and partnership brands. Over 65% of marketers of health tourism services believe event and professional development marketing and sponsorship is the most effective channel for driving business outcomes.

Health tourism industry events, conferences and online training courses capture greater shares of marketing budgets across allied industries and event sponsors play a critical role in growth and professional development of the industry.

Often, ticket sales alone will not event breakeven of an event if ticket prices are to be kept affordable to all interested participants and attendees. Event sponsorships also bring credibility to an event sponsored by respected and recognized brands because it indicates that sponsors believe in our events, quality, and value. Event sponsorships “in kind” help to provide accommodation and cover travel costs for speakers willing to teach but unable to afford to present at no charge and cover their own travel expenses for flights to the event venues. Other in kind event sponsorships can be designated to cover venue rental costs, catering costs, and printing or creative costs such as videography, editing, photography, and so forth. You may also decide that you would prefer to sponsor a featured keynote speaker by underwriting their speaker honoraria and travel costs.

Sponsors on the CHTS website pay for their appearance on the site, clickable links to their websites, and for banner advertising, notification advertising, and sponsoring education and training courses both at live events and in virtual classrooms that cost money to produce and host. They purchase sponsorships in the form of sponsorship packages that afford them the opportunity to promote their logo, have display advertising, contribute articles and educational courses that promote their products, improve their image, differentiate themselves and create public awareness of their brand. Each link to their websites also builds SEO value for trust and authority of their websites.

Contact us today and let’s chat about your interests and objectives to sponsor the Center for Health Tourism Strategy’s mission and activities. We can create a package to fit your exact advertising objectives and goals from website and event awareness to registration, and to retargeting and continuous engagement before, during and after the event and around the clock every day of the year on our website.

Out of an abundance of gratitude for helping to pack the CHTS website with valuable resources and events that are affordable and stuffed with education and training, CHTS members, students, and visitors will be more likely to call on your first as they gain awareness of your support to help them grow their health tourism businesses.​


Your unique content can be featured in ways that position your brand and branded content on our website or at an event as a recognized and trusted health tourism industry expert and authority.

We'll help you to choose topics of interest to startup and established medical tourism facilitators, health facilities, practitioners, insurers and other payers, hotel, resort and spa accommodations, airlines, investors, or destination authorities from all around the world.


Promote your brand, logo, messages and value to our website visitors, students and event registrants to grow recognition as a trusted health tourism industry resource.

Customize the appearance of your display ads with your custom fonts, brand colors, symbols, tag lines and more.


Promote your brand, logo, messages and value to our website visitors, students and event registrants by sponsoring a featured keynote speaker or trainer.

Cover honoraria, flight costs and hotel accommodations for a speaker traveling to present from out of the area.

Cover the cost of video course filming, editing and other production costs by sponsoring ads that run prior to or during video courses.

Engage Prospects with Content that Connects


Your advertisements on the CHTS website can be packaged to include click through digital advertising that use deep links to your unique landing pages.

Measure your results and gain insights into your ad performance through event tags using Google Analytics.


Increase performance, trust, and engagement with sponsor-generated content throughout on our website. Share photos, videos, case studies, testimonials, ebrochures, virtual tours, and more! Visitors and members of the CHTS appreciate useful resources that can be downloaded to easily learn, enhance quality and safety, and grow their business. CHTS provides 93% more time spent on your informative sponsor-generated content pages than on any other web outlets in the health tourism industry. Drop offs are measured in hours; not seconds.


Get your content in front of our learners on social networks to create brand awareness. We place content daily on a variety of social networks where we maintain group pages and moderate content posts

Appeal to those using the CHTS website for market research by supplying case studies, white papers, e-books, reports, analyses, and brand comparisons and contrasts.
Encourage and support attendance where prospects can visit and participate in B2B networking events, fam tours, and other learning activities that are not otherwise available.



Drive brand engagement by sponsoring a notification that goes to all subscribers who have opted in on the CHTS website to drive traffic to your newly-posted branded content and assets. When they click on the notice link, it takes them straight through to your content page, article, ebook, video, display ad, and/or other assets.

Pricing scales with your usage. You create the content, artwork, graphics, and call-to-action and pay for the notification for a specific date and time.

No onboarding or training is necessary. We manage the notification for you. Segmentation is available to aid with improved targeting and relevance.


CHTS' system is built to manage multiple sponsors with different goals and objectives and sponsorship budgets.

We will help you to curate content, target visitors with specific interests, and connect with our users, visitors and attendees.

Scale your campaigns and drive higher interaction and brand engagement than standard campaigns limited to only your website and social media channels.

We give visitors and event participants additional ways to engage with your brand so they keep coming back all year long. You get extra impact and reach through your sponsorship with the Center for Health Tourism Strategy.


CHTS has been around since 2003, and our platform was founded, supported, and designed by one of the most successful and respected experts in the health and wellness tourism industry. Our conservative and transparent claims, statistics and research reports are respected and utilized by business owners, planners, media research teams and industry stakeholders alike.

No matter where you are located in the world, our global network of support specialists and operators are there when you need help or have questions.

Reach out by phone or email to get answers anytime.



Generate awareness and grow your database. Visitors and event participants can easily share their contact details with you for a chance to win a prize you offer while viewing and interacting with real content on our website and in in-person networking opportunities at events.


Contests you sponsor incentivize site visitors and event participants to provide you with great user generated content (UGC). Display examples from contestants when site visitors and event participants submit their best content, videos, and photos for a chance to win.


Generate excitement and urgency for upcoming launches and announcements. For example, one facility launching a robotics-assisted joint replacement service advertised its acquisition, explained the advantages over traditional manual joint replacements and featured their robotics-qualified orthopedic surgeons to drive awareness and encourage our site visitors to get involved and refer patients.


Polls drive interaction. Capture audience insights with a custom poll and encourage visitors to vote for their favorite services, products, destinations, photos, videos, and more.


Sponsor or share branded high quality and high value content that’s authored just for your brand as a work for hire by industry influencers. We can recommend macro and micro influencers to create content for you on your landing pages or to upload to your site for use in all your campaigns.


Sponsor custom landing pages to boost interaction and focus exclusively on your brand. Get started and post pages quickly using .json templates created for you that can be posted anywhere on any site and be customized to match your brand.