FAM (familiarization) tour: a free or reduced-rate trip offered to health travel professionals to acquaint them with what a destination, attraction or health tourism supplier has to offer

Hospitals and Health Facilities
Showcase your hospital to media and referral partners and build referral relationships
Show referral partners the best tourism assets at your destination for itinerary building
Hotels and Alternative Lodging
Site visits are helpful to determine appropriateness for medical tourism visitors


"Pre-qualified" Medical Tourism Referral Partners, Writers and Journalists, Tour Operators and Travel Agents

Your Hosting Budget
Dates and Duration
Participating Stakeholders
Agenda and Logistics
Number of Participants


Generally, local goods and services are provided on a complimentary basis as an expense of securing more business. Participants usually pay for flights and other incidentals.

Registration fees
Alcoholic Beverages
Personal expenses

Our Services for Fam Tour Destinations

Tour guide, trivia expert, nurse, timekeeper, technical advisor, hostess, diplomat, medical facility and physician liaison, B2B organizer, photographer, navigator, etc.

We arrange and attend the fam tour to serve as technical advisor for all things related to medical and wellness tourism.  Your CVB or Tourism Board liaison accompanies to all destinations as the destination ambassador

  • We tie all tour and visit segments together
  • Coordinate travel of all participants
  • Attend every activity
  • Stick with the group until the last participant boards the flight home

Our services include

5-6 months before fam
  • Program and theme
  • Tentative itinerary
  • Design an invitation
3-4 months before fam
  • Book a motorcoach or Sprinter for smaller tour groups (~12-16)
  • Mail invitations
  • Create all forms - confirmation note - descriptive itinerary - registration form - insurance verification - tour & travel profile
  • Follow up
  • Confirmations
  • Design welcome banners
30 days prior to fam
  • Prepare flight manifest
  • Rooming lists
  • Reconfirm all itinerary items & B2B meetings with hospitals and clinics
  • Directions
  • Menus
  • Profiles to host
  • Final itinerary with contact information
  • Order welcome banners
2 weeks before fam
  • Personally call all participants 
  • Final details
  • Create an evaluation form
1 week before the fam
  • Reconfirm itinerary and directions
  • Review welcome banners
  • Name badges and luggage tags
  • Make packets for each participant
    • Tour Guide and map
    • Final itinerary
    • One-page map with route highlighted
    • List of other participants on bus
    • Luggage tags
    • Evaluation form
    • Any free time vouchers
After the fam
  • Thank you notes to the hosts
  • Thank you notes to the participants
  • Post photos and stories on social media with hotlinks to host facilities, hotels, etc.
  • Post participant review snippets on social media
  • Calculate results of surveys
6 months after

Survey participants to determine who has brought or plans to bring business to destination

So how does it work?

Decide the dates and the group size 5-6 months in advance
Tell us the per person budget and stakeholder participants
We announce the fam and pre-qualify the participants
We coordinate the entire program with your liaison

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