Health & Wellness Tourism is Experiential

Sellers (doctors, hospitals and clinics) that market their excess capacity of open appointments and inpatient beds have been disappointed in their results because they are simply selling commodities.

Medical tourism product design leverages all the local value chain stakeholders into an integrated product developed into an experiential package with storytelling value for the consumer.

Storytelling enables earned brand ambassadorship from influencers without "advertising".

Destination Discovery

Self Actualization

Measured Satisfaction

Reading blog posts on the go

Influencer Marketing

Helping Public and Private Stakeholders

The Center for Health Tourism Strategy helps public and private stakeholders to build, grow and manage their health & wellness tourism destinations & communities.

We are defining the future of health & wellness travel and tourism by providing you a variety of generous resources you can use for:


Destination Discovery
Self Acualization
Storytelling value
Selling Strategy

Develop tools to help your health and wellness tourism visitors to plan their experience

Several destinations have followed the advice of consultants to create a medical tourism destination “directory”. On its face, the strategy seemed sound.  The consultants convinced the local tourism officials to spend several hundreds of thousands of dollars to PRINT the directory and place it in hotel rooms throughout the region. They also paid the same consultants between USD $35,000 to 50,000 just to do the “layout” of the directory to prepare it for print. How you spend your money is your business, but the launch of a medical tourism destination development initiative must be carefully planned and executed for maximum impact and return.  Once the project was complete and executed, the subsequent measurement and evaluation of the initiative was ineffective and a determined to be a waste of precious resources -- paper, money, time and opportunity. Don't let this happen to you.

Here's an alternative to consider:

Spend less; get more. Health and wellness tourism visitors have special needs. In developing your guide, instead, consider the creation of an Activities Guide that focuses on activities that can be enjoyed by people with mobility challenges, special needs diets, special environments, and things to see and do as opposed to lists of local businesses and activities. Develop your guide through the eyes of a specialized health and wellness tourism travel writer who understands your guests’ special needs, limitations, energy levels that may be constrained by medication, pain or discomfort, medications that could predispose them to increased temporary photosensitivity, getting wounds wet, rupturing sutures, or other physician instructions to temporarily curtail strenuous activities during recuperation at your destination.

Read our blogs to learn more

There are many articles on the Center for Health Tourism Strategy website about crafting unique patient experiences for medical tourism visitors. If you read these, you will accelerate your knowledge and understanding how to engage visitors in self actualization so that they become part of their own story and share that story with others as brand ambassadors to their family, friends and colleagues. 

Health & Wellness Tourism Visitors Want More

activities-guideMedical tourism visitors want to discover unique sites, regions and cultures. They view the healthcare services as important, but if they are going to make the effort and incur the expense to travel for health, they want more than a medical appointment or a treatment.  Are you ready to help them meet this objective?

Go Green!

Consider creating your activities guide as a digital guide that can be supplied in the form of a destination-branded downloadable “app” that can be downloaded onto a phone or tablet device without cost to the visitor. As you gain more and more sophistication, you can decide whether to incorporate proximity offers that can “beam” reminders, tips and special in-app offers to app users (after permission has been granted to do so, of course). This is something that can be done with far less time and expense than the unfortunate examples in our case study, but far greater effectiveness, reach and is easily updated more frequently at a significantly lower cost.

Ask us for ideas that can enhance the health and wellness tourism visitor experience without a lot of expense.  We help you examine what others have done when we bring ideas and examples from more than 120 countries. Avoid costly errors and waste by learning from the mistakes of others.

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