Health & Wellness Tourism Framework Regulations

Countries, regions and municipalities view medical tourism as an opportunity for capacity development, employment opportunities and economic development.

To manage this, they develop a regulatory framework to address infrastructure necessary to support the control, direction or implementation of a health tourism marketplace.

This regulations refer to the proposed course of action or law under which health tourism businesses will operate and laws will be enforced.

Health & Safety
Commercial Transactions
Internet Security and Privacy
Certification Standards
Advertising Laws
Information Systems Management
Consumer Protection Laws
Dispute Resolution
Badging Programs
Foreign Affairs
Urban and Regional Planning
Statistical Data Gathering
Communicable Disease Control
Measurement & Evaluation
Regulatory Enforcement

Helping Public and Private Stakeholders

The Center for Health Tourism Strategy helps public and private stakeholders to build, grow and manage their health & wellness tourism destinations & communities.

We are defining the future of health & wellness travel and tourism by providing you a variety of generous resources you can use for:


Health & Wellness Tourism Regulatory Framework Development

Medical tourism, dental tourism, wellness tourism, and rehabilitation tourism all bring with them different nuances depending on the product design and how each communicates with existing laws in the destination country, and must also reconcile gaps between jurisdictions if the patients come from a location that has significantly different laws and regulations.

We are one of the very rare consultancies worldwide that specializes in health and wellness tourism to help government authorities with these critical details, policy development and planning. Most of our projects in this domain are by direct appointment.

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There are many articles on the Center for Health Tourism Strategy website about development framework regulations for health and wellness tourism destination development.  If you read these articles, you will accelerate your knowledge and understanding of what is involved, and how to design a unique program that can be organized, marketed, operated and enforceable and preserve brand integrity and value.

"A framework regulation was exactly what we needed to organize the stakeholders and enforce compliance to submit data we needed to grow our health tourism cluster. Without the help we received from Mercury Advisory Group we would have been merely a weak paper tiger with a logo."


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