For someone to agree to fly across the country or to another part of the world to receive care from a medical tourism physician, that physician must create a solid brand impression, reputation and singularity in the mind of the consumer.

In the USA, many physicians who have been working in medicine since the 1980s abdicated their marketing and advertising messages to the managed care plans that controlled the “steerage” to participating providers in their respective networks. This was never really marketing or advertising. Nor was it public relations and branding – until the health plans started publishing “gold stars” next to providers’ names. It merely steered potential market share to a list of “preferred” providers who offered an in-network, membership discount to plan subscribers. It influenced patients to choose “someone” listed and avoid those not listed. As a result, physician felt compelled to sign up and grant hefty discounts and agree to do other burdensome administrative tasks (like denials and appeals, preparing referrals, obtaining pre-authorizations, or certifying medical necessity, etc.) in exchange for being listed.

That’s not the case anymore, explains Maria Todd, medical tourism business consultant, speaker and author.

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headshot-Maria K Todd, MHA PhD

Maria K Todd, MHA PhD
Author:  Handbook of Medical Tourism Program Development

In this helpful and informative article, Maria Todd shares seven tips for physicians who want to establish a personal brand and local or international authority in their domain specialty of expertise.