7-S Model Framework for Medical Tourism Businesses Helps to Assess Strengths and Weaknesses of Your Corporate Structure

A 4-hour workshop available to add to any event or conference as a pre-or post conference workshop. Ideal for individual facilities and medical tourism regional clusters.

The 7-S Model, developed in the 1908s by Peters and Waterman (authors of the book “In Search of Excellence”) who then worked at the management consultancy McKinsey, describes all relevant elements that characterize a company and are responsible for its success. The model distinguishes between soft and hard factors. The hard factors (strategy, structure, systems) are characterized by the fact that they are easily available and thus concretely represented in contrast to the soft factors (skills, staff, style, shared values). That’s what Maria Todd covers in this thought provoking workshop designed to propel new medical tourism businesses towards successful launch and competitive advantage of their offers.

The soft, non-measurable elements are just as important. The balance of all factors is fundamental to the success of any medical tourism cluster organization or healthcare business. Therefore, the aim of the 7-S Model is to analyze all seven factors comprehensively and work out an actual and desired state for each element in order to produce a balanced ratio of all elements.

7S framework

Maria explains to the audience how the development of the 7-S Model Framework works include checklists and modeling tools and interactive questions to determine of the individual elements are balanced with each other, and if not, what measures should be taken to re-establish this. Participants will work hands-on during the workshop and then take home the templates and models and checklists used in class to meet with their team, evaluate and discuss the balance of their strategy and how to implement it. She will help participants to recognize both risks and opportunities relating to the development of their medical tourism product and learn to assess the company’s future profitability in the current industry.

Workshop participants learn:

  • What are the 7-S evaluation options
  • How each of the 7 elements interact with one another
  • Where imbalance is likely to occur
  • An overview of the necessary analytical steps
  • How to use the 7-S model in a wide variety of situations where an alignment perspective is useful, such as:
    • Improving the performance of a medical tourism company
    • Examining the likely effects of future changes within a medical tourism company
    • Aligning departments and processes during a merger or acquisition or re-branding exercise
    • Determining how best to implement a proposed strategy

Take home tools include:

  • Worksheets designed to help participants work through the 7-S Framework based on the unique business model they’ve chosen

Program ID: D1791-PL

How to offer this workshop at your next medical tourism conference:

Contact Maria Todd for details, schedule availability and pricing. +1.303.823.4662

*This workshop is also for private hands-on learning at your facility.