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Maria Todd is a healthcare industry entrepreneur, best selling author, philanthropist, and the US's number one medical tourism business strategist. Need proof? Google her name and "medical tourism" and decide for yourself.  The author of 5 internationally best-selling books on medical tourism business development, Maria has empowered hundreds of doctors, nurses, tour operators, destination managers, travel agents and others from a hundred countries. Through her audio, video, live seminars and professional Master Classes she's helped them to become professional managers and coordinators of health & wellness tourism services.

Medical, dental and wellness tourism coordination is a rewarding career.

Maria Todd has been helping people in health and wellness tourism solve complicated problems for more than 30 years. She's helped healthcare professionals improve their business. She's helped friends, family and health tourism clients access the healthcare and travel services they need to improve or extend their life. And she's earned handsome professional fees for doing what she loves to do.  Now she's offering you the chance to do the same through customized, self-paced training program designed to get you up and running quickly so you can change your life, help others and make the world a better place as a professional manager and coordinator of health & wellness tourism services.

According to a report from the McKinsey Global Institute, up to 162 million people work independently in their own business throughout the USA and the European Union.  (That number extrapolated the finding that 20-30% of the workers are self employed in the US and EU.)  According to the Freelancer's Union, the number is closer to 55 million Americans as of 2016.  As a professional manager and coordinator of health & wellness tourism services, whether you work for yourself, at a hospital or clinic, or a travel agency, you'll get to see people change - find happiness, reduce pain and eliminate worry about health matters. Imagine the pleasure and sense of accomplishment you'll feel when you help people addicted to alcohol or substance abuse get clean and sober. You'll help people who can't take a walk in the park or around the lake because of hip or knee pain return to an active lifestyle or toss a ball with a grandchild. You'll help couples with fertility challenges try to start a family. You'll help people in remote parts of the world where there's inadequate health access travel to a place where they can get the care and diagnostic screenings they need to maintain their health and well-being. You'll get to help people regain confidence in public, or in pictures on social media by improving their smile. All these things are possible when you start and operate your business as a professional manager and coordinator of health & wellness tourism services.  Earning good money doing what you love is good, but the sense of accomplishment and the joy of knowing you helped others work on improving their health, longevity and well-being is priceless!

You don't need a certification to succeed in health tourism.

Certification programs for health tourism are highly over-rated. Letters after your name and logos on a website don't help you convince the public to trust you or to sell your services.  Thousands of medical tourism facilitators have been making a great living, finding joy and pride in their professional work helping people every day. And they've been doing it long before opportunists began selling certifications and wall plaques over the past few years.

Get the training you need instead, including:

  • the skills and best practices to fill the role and do the job meticulously
  • the pathway to help you establish your business and professional brands
  • model operational policies and procedures you can customize to operate your professional health tourism coordination business
  • the skills to market your services and health and wellness tourism packages online and through social media channels
  • model checklists you can customize to help you conduct (and document) detailed health and wellness tourism site inspections
  • the best practice methods you need to verify physicians' and other practitioners' professional credentials, training and experience
  • an understanding of healthcare privacy and internet security compliance regulations that exist in countries where you'll conduct business
  • model template agreements to memorialize expectations and resolve any disputes with clients and suppliers
  • adequate knowledge about medical procedures you'll coordinate, and
  • adequate travel planning knowledge to avoid or mitigate risks.

Nobody buys your service because you are certified. They buy your services because they trust who you are and how you run your business.  They understand and respect why you do what you do when you tell them your story and why you got into the business in the first place. They could care less about a certificate on the wall or a logo on your website or letters after your name.

In fact, that certification and the letters after your name could increase your professional liability and risk of lawsuits if something goes wrong.  Let's face facts: Anybody can buy one of those certificates with a check and three days sitting in a chair at some conference. Would you trust someone simply because they did that? And if something goes wrong and they chose to do business with you because they interpreted that certification to mean more than what it is, and then relied on your certification, would a lawyer be more likely to take their case against you court or arbitration? Even if you purchase a professional liability policy, do you really need that risk as a startup business? You decide what's important for you, your clients, your business and your risk mitigation.

About the Instructor

Dr Maria Todd Executive Director
Dr Maria Todd
Executive Director

Maria Todd has developed a remarkably simple method of training new and established health and wellness tourism coordinators quickly and easily at an affordable price and pace based on their training needs and preferences.  Her own quest for training and professional development as a professional manager and coordinator of health & wellness tourism services and limited services health tourism TPA owner over the past 30+ years led her to create this revolutionary program to deliver the training new startups and established medical and dental tourism coordinators need.  She shares practical tools, tips and techniques cultivated over 30+ years in the business of health and wellness tourism at both the consumer and corporate level.

What are your training choices?

Maria Todd first introduced training courses for health tourism professional facilitators in 2007, with a week-long training workshop for travel agents who needed to add the medical knowledge to expand their business.  But she soon learned that few working professionals could take a week to come to Denver for training.  She realized that there had to be a better, more convenient way to deliver exactly what each student needed-based on their unique business goals, and their medical and travel planning work experience and training.  Now that the technology for online coaching has caught up, she's once again ready to deliver quality training and coaching to become a professional manager and coordinator of health & wellness tourism services at an affordable price - with the pace and curriculum custom tailored to your needs and budget.

Maria has professional work experience as a travel agent and tour operator, advanced degrees in Health Administration, training and work experience as a surgical nurse, and has worked as a health law paralegal negotiating insurance contracts for doctors, dentists, hospitals and other healthcare providers since 1983. She has helped more than 20 healthcare organizations prepare for international and US accreditation and managed hospitals, clinics and same-day surgery facilities.  She organized and worked as the CEO of the world's first and only Globally Integrated Health Delivery System®, and awarded a registered trademark for this new term of art by the USPTO in 2010.  She built the world's largest medical tourism network of Approved Providers that included more than 6000 hospitals and clinics and over 850,000 physicians, dentists and other practitioners in 115 countries.  Her proprietary standards for health and wellness tourism business are implemented at hospitals, employers, insurers, and government authorities around the world.  She won a direct appointment contract to develop the national medical tourism strategy for Greece in 2014 after being vetted by American Embassy officials in Athens.  You owe it to your business and your professional brand to learn best practices for health and wellness tourism services coordination from her, and with these choices below, there's no reason not to do so, starting today.


Self-study and occasional coaching online or by phone.  

Maria is the author of two best-selling, internationally published reference handbooks you will want to read and refer to as a part of your professional library:

The Medical Tourism Facilitator's Handbook and The Handbook of Medical Tourism Program Developmentmedical-tourism-books-maria

Both titles are internationally available in print and electronic versions from your favorite online or retail bookseller. The publisher has rendered them in 18 different formats for almost every electronic reader on the market, worldwide.  Once you've finished reading the books, you may benefit from online or telephone coaching. Prepare your questions and book a time with Maria to get your answers. She offers appointments from 15 minutes to one hour as often as you need a little help so you can get the answers you need, when you need them as you can afford them.  Coaching appointments are conveniently prepaid using check or credit card. Maria accepts e-checks, fund transfers, and credit card payments for coaching appointments PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account to pay via PayPal and you can pay using PayPal from anywhere in the world.  Get started on your career as a professional manager and coordinator of health & wellness tourism services with personal coaching online or by phone with less than USD $100.


Coaching in Denver, Colorado at Maria's Office.  

Maria will invite you to Denver, Colorado to invest a day with her going over your checklists, policies and procedures to fine tune them and brain-storm on strategies and tactics to build and grow your business. She's arranged hotel discounts for her out-of-town clients in a beautiful new hotel, conveniently located four walkable blocks from her office at the Hyatt Place - Downtown Denver. Breakfast is included in the rate and there's no need to rent a car. Light rail, Uber, Lyft, and taxis are available to whisk you to the hotel from the airport. Restaurants, shopping, museums and other modern and historic attractions are conveniently located within walking distance from the hotel and her office, so plan to spend a few days enjoying your stay in Denver with spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains and the Mile High City.  Half-day, one- and two-day private coaching appointments are available on a limited basis, subject to her availability.  The cost is based on the amount of time you require, multiplied by her hourly rate.  A discount is applied for bookings of more than 4 hours.

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Master Class Workshops in Denver, Colorado and at various locations around the world  

Maria invites you to join a Master Class and join with a small group of other new and established health tourism coordinators all with a common goal: to improve their skills and grow their business. Master Classes limited to 12 students sell out quickly.  Classes consist of two days of intensive learning with time to review policies, procedures, model contracts, checklists and critique your document sets and strategies. Participants enjoy pre-arranged hotel discounts at the Hyatt Place - Downtown Denver or at hotels outside Denver. Registration fees include hot breakfast, lunch and break refreshments and a full document set and library of model checklists, tools and other invaluable resources is provided on a USB drive, along with a signed copy of her two books, The Medical Tourism Facilitator's Handbook and The Handbook of Medical Tourism Program Development.  Special alumni discounts are applied on follow-up consulting anytime you need it by phone or online.

Are you ready to get started?  Let’s work together!