Understanding Your Health & Wellness Tourism Core Competencies

What core competencies differentiate you? 

Many new health and wellness tourism facilitator startups contact us after visiting the Center for Health Tourism Strategy website. They are concerned that the core competencies they possess are not adequate or well developed to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage.

We evaluate core competencies of our health and wellness tourism clients and identify areas where they can improve to make differentiation more valuable, and imitation more difficult.  What results is a platform where they find niches that align with their core competencies (assuming they exist) to avoid resigning themselves to become commodities competing on price and pretty websites.

Learn about how to evaluate your core competencies by downloading our informative outline.  We use this outline in our business to explain to clients what we will examine as we help them examine and build upon core competencies to differentiate their business and bring value to the market that is not easily mimicked Even if you don't hire us to perform the analysis, you can still benefit from the outline to guide your critical thinking, planning, and set expectations for what's ahead.

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