When text is easy to read and understanding, trust and brand loyalty follows. In medical tourism, clear communication in the language of your audience is the heart of persuasion. Our editorial team consists of native speakers of 33 languages of the world. They convert your message into proper idiom and colloquial terms that makes your message easy to understand, even when explaining complex health and medical procedures. Your communications must convey attention to detail and the ability to communicate with patients at every touchpoint of your medical tourism or wellness service.

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Journalists, Writers and Editors

Our specialized editorial services team consists of more than 20 writers, journalists and editors from around the world. On average, Mercury Advisory Group medical tourism and wellness writers have over 15 years of professional writing experience. Many hold advanced degrees and are internationally published by commercial publishers and professional, trade and consumer periodicals.  Where else are you able to find such specialized talent?


Superlative talent, ready to assist

Mercury Advisory Group's team of seasoned medical tourism and wellness industry experts have more than 50 professional textbook titles to their credit and have won over 150 international awards and industry recognition accolades. Our work has been featured in many publications, books and research works. 

Our writers get involved early in your project. They attend key meetings, fam tours, and work long and hard behind the scenes with our medical tourism strategic planners and graphic designers. Everything we do is a team-based approach to help you succeed.

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Bi-directional Translation for the Most Widely Spoken Languages in the World

Chinese tops the list of most popular world languages, with over one billion speakers. English trails in third place, with 335 million speakers. With so many newly affluent Russian and Chinese tourists seeking medical care outside their country, you can't afford not to translate your medical tourism marketing messages into these languages if you want to attract these referrals.

Content Marketing is just one component of your strategy. Great international health tourism brands must be prepared to compete on any playing field—in the target language of their select audience. At Mercury Advisory Group, our specialized medical tourism creative team offers a comprehensive suite of editorial and translation services so your healthcare and wellness copy reads clearly, concisely and your message is delivered wherever you sendit it. They work in collaboration with you and our design and operational experts to ensure that your marketing communications copy supports your global brand strategy and differentiates you from your competition.