Denver, Colorado USA | August 23 & 24, 2015


Be early adopters! Gain an understanding of the health tourism industry, including: the markets, the risks, rewards, opportunities and more. Peer-to-peer networking opportunities will help you share, learn and invest in this burgeoning space.

Health Tourism Investor Summit 2015 will give you the business tools you need to successfully navigate the health tourism markets and make informed investment decisions.

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Be health tourism industry innovators! Whether you have a health tourism business or intend to start one, learn the basics of raising capital and working with investors to grow your business to its full potential.

Health Tourism Investor Summit 2015 will give you the business tools you need and the investor connections to make your dream business a reality.

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Learn how you can add domestic and cross-border health travel benefits to your plan design and achieve higher outcomes on elective surgeries when patients elect to travel to high-performing providers.

Health Tourism Investor Summit 2015 will give you the risk management options you need and the provider connections to reduce claims costs and achieve better clinical outcomes.

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Reach your core demographic at the industry’s most comprehensive investment and networking event. Showcase your products and serices in front of your ideal audience and forge new relationships.

Health Tourism Investor Summit 2015 provides exhibitors with an unprecedented opportunity to reach your existing customers and find new ones. Whether you’re looking for new clients or new investors, this event is a must-exhibit.

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