Professional facilitators like Maria Todd can make a significant difference when it comes to organizing successful medical tourism business development and strategy retreats, strategic planning sessions, and workshops.

With over 40 years of experience in more than 120 countries, Maria provides valuable insights and lessons learned to help you avoid costly mistakes and oversights. Maria’s facilitation process involves pre-planning, identifying key issues, and breaking down barriers to create an environment for productive conversation.  She arrives early to the venue to discuss concerns and sensitivities with the leadership and provides a customized follow-up report with concrete recommendations.

Maria’s extensive hands on experience in various healthcare roles, including OR Nurse, Hospital and ASC Administrator, Health Law Paralegal and Mediator, Managed Care Contracting Expert, and Medical Tourism Case Manager, offers a unique perspective on healthcare management.

In addition to her professional work, Maria has developed software for medical tourism logistics management and bundled pricing, making it easier for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers worldwide to develop medical tourism and patient redirection case rates. She has also worked with self-funded employers who operate their own benefit plans and added a patient redirection steerage program to select healthcare facilities at destinations around the USA.

If you’re looking for a professional with a deep understanding of the healthcare industry, Maria Todd is the expert to turn to. Her experience in various roles and her software development expertise make her an asset to any healthcare organization. Contact +1.800.727.4160 to book her for your next event. Keep in mind that her calendar fills quickly and bookings are often made more than a year in advance, but don’t hesitate to inquire about cancellations or openings for your desired dates.


Maria charges a flat per diem fee plus business class travel and accommodation for her time away from her practice to facilitate retreats.

photo of Dr Marka K Todd, world renowned consultant, author and medical tourism business consultant from Denver Colorado.

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