Hospitality Consulting for Health & Wellness Tourism

The perfect guest experience is something every business in health and wellness strives for. With meticulously detailed, objective and custom reports, you will know how every aspect of your chain or boutique hotel brand, resort, spa, cruise line, or bed & breakfast either succeeds or needs improvement.

bed-and-breakfast1Every customized program not only fits a business’ structure today, but is built for sustained success. You’ll enjoy a rapid and flexible start-up, along with global coverage, fast turnaround time and industry benchmarking that allows you to monitor yourself against the market.  We offer mystery shops as well as revealed shops, and detailed situation analysis evaluations and strategic planning for health and wellness tourism hospitality outlets.

Our highly-qualified site inspectors have worked for Maritz, AAA Diamond Ratings, and many other general hotel inspection consulting services. They bring decades of professional field experience and specialized skills applied to these health & wellness tourism specialty evaluations on six continents.

We offer our complete health & wellness tourism hospitality consulting solutions across a wide range of hospitality sectors across the globe, including:

  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Food & Beverage outlets
  • Spas, Balneo and Thalasso resorts
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Boutique hotels, inns, and guest houses
  • Timeshares
  • Cruise Lines and more

While each one of these sectors helps to make up the health & wellness tourism hospitality industry, they also have very specific consulting needs on an individual level when focusing on health & wellness tourism services and partnering with hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centers.  Generalists would take years to develop the medical and health services know-how to compare with what our niche-focused experts bring to the table to examine your:

  • routine check-in and daily operations
  • spa and wet area safety and operations
  • therapist and spa staff credentials and training
  • operational policies and procedures
  • furniture and wall and floor coverings
  • vegetation and landscaping
  • physical layout and walkways
  • disabled access accommodations
  • lighting
  • emergency procedures
  • sanitation procedures and infection risk
  • menu options
  • staff training and competency
  • proximity to essential services (hospitals, clinics, emergency services, airport, transportation, etc.)
  • other health and safety best practices for health & wellness tourism guest readiness.

That is why Mercury Advisory Group tailors every service to the client, destination, brand, type of hospitality business, and specifically to address the health& wellness partnering objectives. Our survey provides reporting by carefully screened, professional observers who perfectly fit the client’s profile.

Get to Know Our Health & Wellness Tourism Hospitality Consultants

We look forward to helping your company offer an unmatched level of health and wellness tourism customer service, safety and satisfaction, along with cultivating the desire for continuous improvement.

To learn more about what we can do for you, contact Mercury Advisory Group Health & Wellness Tourism Hospitality Group today for a free consultation