Maria Todd believes in professional accountability and transparency.

She also believes that professionals practice what they preach and lead by example. So, she is straight up about what she charges for her services. E-mail Maria or call her at +1.303.823.4662 to talk about your specific program.

Prices are in USD.

Speaking engagements including keynotes, short workshops and other presentations

applause6$4000 – $8000, depending on the amount of travel time and customization. What do you get for your money?

Virtual presentations and webinars

Webinars, e-learning programs and virtual keynotes are $450 – $800 for a 45 to 60 minute program, depending on the amount of customization you require.

For this fee, Maria will work virtually from her office, not yours. If want her to deliver from your location, then full paid speaker rates apply. Call Maria at +1.303.823.4662 or e-mail her for details.

Retreats, strategic planning events and facilitation

These services start at $3500 depending on travel distance and time. The minimum rate is charged for event destinations within 100 miles of Denver, Colorado USA. What is included?

Coaching, consulting and mentoring

Local, one off fees without a monthly retainer arrangement range around $450-600 per hour. The lower range is for services delivered virtually using phone, Skype or other virtual technologies. If you want her in person, you are looking at $500/hour. Depost of 50% and a contract is required to confirm the appointment. Monthly retainer fees are discounted to our preferred client rate.

Retainer client fees are discounted

When a client on monthly retainer requests an additional service such as an event facilitation, a workshop, or training program, retainer client fees are discounted to $2500 for a full day. Maria does not do hourly retainer fees. It’s either a half-day or a day. If you would like to have Maria on retainer for a week, a month or longer, contact her. Speaker fees are in addition to travel expenses.

Other important information about fees and working with Maria

Travel, ground transportation and accommodation are additional for retreats and speaking. Flights in excess of 3 hours’ duration shall not be flown in economy seats or small aircraft that offers only one class of seating. This is by medical necessity.

A 50% deposit is required on all services (even hourly mentoring). A signed contract is part of the deal. Expectations and services are outlined in the contract.

Some nonprofit organizations or educational institutions may qualify to have Maria speak one time for free. Restrictions and terms apply.

Contact Maria to book your service today. +1.303.823.4662 (GMT-7).