How do you approach differentiation?

Graphic design is a powerful—and often under-appreciated—tool in medical tourism marketing. Countless sites use the same stock photography lending to suspicion about authenticity, and showing little in terms of setting expectations for the customer.  Graphic design can influence perceptions, aid recall and differentiate a business. It can indicate that the brand is a global business or a regional business attempting to sell services in the global marketplace. High quality graphic design offers a tremendous opportunity to set you apart and convey the credibility your firm needs to thrive.












How does the market tell you apart?

Without a differentiation strategy and using stock images, your offer is reduced to a commodity status fighting on price alone.  The three pictures above could be just about anywhere. Will your prospect be able to recognize you without text?  Graphic design for your website, stationery, email, newsletter, and other branded identity touch points must be coordinated, cohesive, and compelling. Differentiate yourself when you use a unique typeface and custom photography and video, professionally edited to give you a competitive edge.  Let your customers and prospects know that you are special and deserving of their business by the look and feel of your marketing and communication tools.


Superlative talent, ready to assist

Mercury Advisory Group's team of seasoned medical tourism and wellness industry experts have more than 50 professional textbook titles to their credit and have won over 150 international awards and industry recognition accolades. Our work has been featured in many publications, books and research works. 

Design is just one component of your strategy. Great international health tourism brands must be prepared to compete on any playing field—from the web to print to branded graphics on billboards, airport signs and video. At Mercury Advisory Group, our specialized medical tourism creative team offers a comprehensive suite of graphic design services so your healthcare and wellness brand looks great everywhere it goes.  They work in collaboration with you and our marketing and operational experts to ensure that your design supports your global brand strategy and differentiates you from your competition.