For many hospitals and ASCs, health tourism is a collaborative quick start service line that attracts new patients, returns tax relief to the local community, and places the hospital or ASC in a collaborative partnership with travel, tourism and hospitality partners

90% of hospital and health system executives surveyed indicated that new revenue streams were an urgent priority expected to yield a return in the next three years.

This finding was published in a recent report from Boston-based Partners HealthCare and healthcare private equity firm Fitzroy Health. Every participant acknowledged the need to diversify revenue, but most agree there isn’t a single strategy or tactic to make it happen.

There's no need to look for options that take 3 years for proof of concept.
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16 reasons why you should consider health tourism

Because as inpatient admissions and length of stay continue to decline, ASCs and health systems alike must adapt and find alternatives that align with their social purpose and still act like a business that exists to create a customer through two basic functions: marketing and innovation. 

Health tourism checks all the boxes and adapts existing systems, technology, medical staff, nursing and other existing departments and assets while establishing a new and diversified pathway to revenue:

  • quickly penetrate the marketplace with very low startup costs and quick cash flows

  • attract new patients with cash who are ready to travel by car or by air and pay in full, in advance

  • contract directly with self-funded employers and labor unions who want transparently-bundled case rates surgeries, consultations and diagnostic services, in an exclusive narrow network that steers U.S. patients directly to your facility from other parts of the country

  • develop or enhance market positioning and brand reputation for key specialty service lines and featured specialists and surgeons and chosen “microniches” to accelerate market penetration and elevate your positioning

  • squeeze higher utilization out of existing operating theaters and recovery areas and telehealth services

  • derive more value out of existing accreditation, awards, and quality and safety certifications

  • boost purchasing levels to levels that entitle your facility to access higher supply-chain discounts

  • boost volumes to levels required to reach Center of Excellence designations

  • maximize efficiencies of your existing credentialing and privileging operations and medical staff services

  • maximize existing technologies to their yield their utilization and highest revenue potentials

  • convert under-utilized patient rooms into VIP suites for traveling patients and their companion travelers on campus in the absence of appropriate hotel accommodations

  • partner with local hospitality, attractions, ground support, travel and tourism stakeholders and local government authorities

  • increase tax relief to each taxpaying household in the community through direct and indirect revenues to your city / region

  • create new jobs at every skill level

  • derive more revenue per contract and per marketing campaign

  • cultivate shareable stories in videos and testimonials from influential patients, celebrities, local hometown heroes and VIPs willing to be your brand’s ambassador

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