In its commitment to continuous quality improvement in the consulting discipline of health tourism strategy and policy development, Mercury Advisory Group today released the 2015 update to its Health Tourism Destination Readiness Criteria.

Our criteria has been continually updated and broadened since its first publication ten years ago in 2005 and integrates best practices, trends, and new insights culminated from health tourism development project engagements over the past 32 years and over 100 completed health and wellness tourism destination assessments.

When Mercury Advisory Group consultants engage to perform a situation analysis at a destination considering health and wellness tourism market entry, we inspect for following 22 key criteria. The list is intended to be high-level. We apply years of practical experience when we use this outline to make determinations of readiness status for the project intended.

The resulting report of findings generally details examples of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats we identify in the situation analysis are then presented at a more detailed level along with general and specific recommendations for improvement or development.

The subsequent step that follows in a typical project engagement is the development of a proposed practicable strategy and implementation / deployment outline. In the Terms of Reference, based on the specific objectives of the client, a deliverable of proposed specific standards that can be used to begin developing regulations, framework laws, and operating standards critera can be included or omitted for each of these focus areas.

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Download the most recent version of our medical tourism destination readness review criteria.

Medical Tourism Destination Readiness Criteria [PDF]


  1. send me details of what should be medical tourism policy for hospital,
    thank you,

  2. Dr Raj,
    This is not something that is a standard template document. It must be created for each hospital and structured to align specifically with the hospital’s operating model, strengths, marketing objectives, medical tourism service lines, workflows, staff capacity and training. Perhaps you were not aware of just how complex a task this is. It must take into consideration peri-operative workflows and case scheduling policies, existing admission policies, discharge policies, physician referral policies, ethical, legal, and financial policies, risk management policies, medical records policies, and more. We act as technical assistance experts to hospitals around the world advising on this and more. It would be my pleasure to assist you with this. Why not call me or a personal message to me so we can discuss your needs further.

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