We help our medical tourism and wellness services clients build a true competitive advantage, win more business, grow faster and generate more referrals. How do we do it? It all starts with a situation analysis and target market research and competitive analysis.

Medical Tourism Strategy

Every hospital and clinic in medical tourism has an incomplete understanding of its marketplace. At Mercury Advisory Group, we bring a team of medical tourism and wellness research specialists who offer a comprehensive suite of marketing research services to fill those gaps and point the way forward:

  • Brand research—learn how you are perceived in the marketplace and where your opportunities lie.
  • Client research—learn what your clients and prospects want and need and how you can deliver it.
  • Market research—learn who your true competitors are, what services you should be offering and much more!

We do all three types of marketing research services

Experienced Interviewers

handonmouseIt takes unusual skill and trust to put an interview subject at ease and uncover the heart of a client’s story—especially the things clients would never tell you. That’s why we’ve cultivated a deep bench of expert interviewers. Our team includes a healthcare management PhD, an international healthcare branding expert, a seasoned professional editor and several seasoned journalists—with thousands of professional services interviews over several decades under their belts. 

When you want input from a large and diverse group of stakeholders, including clinicians, patients, government agencies, facilities executives, investors, and local value chain partners, medical tourism and wellness research is often your best bet. We have extensive experience developing surveys for medical tourism organizations. Our team carefully designs each survey to yield the accurate data and insights you need to make better decisions, set prices, construct package offers, and target your referral source markets.  You cannot afford to leave this to chance or to a facilitator who is not closely connected and supervised by your brand managers.

Surveys: when you need many points of view

Benchmarks bring context to your numbers

photo of a man and a woman having a meeting

Since 1983, we have interviewed and surveyed hundreds of employers, insurers and consumers of medical tourism and wellness services. We use this data to provide critical context as we evaluate your research and explain what it means for your business. We also use this data to help develop targeted strategies that achieve results in the insured and out-of-pocket elective health services markets.

Maintaining credible data is one thing. But drawing the right conclusions is an entirely different skillset. Since 1983, our research analysts have worked with the signal hidden inside the noise and deliver research results that have practical implications leading to action plans for your business. When you need medical tourism and wellness marketing research services with real-world implications, we deliver with skill and expertise that comes only from decades of on-the-job experience. In health and wellness tourism services research, no other research firm compares.

Let your data tell your story and differentiate you