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The Center for Health Tourism Strategy tailors its approach to your specific business needs. If you are a new medical tourism facilitator just entering into the medical tourism industry, you will find the excellent training and educational resources from the Center for Health Tourism Strategy will fast track you to set up a solid operational foundation before moving onto revenue generators such as patient inquiries.

If you've already established your business, or you are a provider or supplier of professional services or represent a healthcare facility or clinic, you will benefit from our advanced courses to help you improve your revenues, quality, safety and customer satisfaction.

We take education and training seriously.

You won't find pricey, framed wallpaper certifications here.

Instead, the Center for Health Tourism Strategy provides invaluable training and education, guidance, startup coaching, mentoring, business tools, forms templates, sample policies and procedures, and the first and only cloud-based, medical tourism coordination software platform that the certifiers cannot fit into a 2-day certification workshops.  Each course comes with a certificate of completion that is earned after you pass the course and the final exam.

Medical Tourism Startup Assistance We Provide

We've helped hundreds of medical tourism startup businesses ...and we can help you too!


Choose from the following options:

Continuing Education

The Center for Health Tourism Strategy offers a variety of learning opportunities to help meet your professional development needs according to your preferred learning style. Our basic training courses cover: pre-departure coordination, arrival coordination, destination management, after care, patient experience, legal issues, outcomes measurement and risk mitigation.  The Center for Health Tourism Strategy offers frequent webcasts, video conferences, audiotapes, eBooks and podcasts. These educational outlets cover market penetration and profit building techniques and industry best practices developed over decades of medical tourism coordination services.

Working with Self-funded Employer Health Benefit Plans

Advanced medical travel coordinators with years of experience are sometimes employed directly by self-insured employers with 500 or more employees to work as case managers and internal facilitators. This training can prepare you the role of internal medical travel coordinator to work with an employer, a labor union trust, or a third-party administrator that hires an experienced medical travel coordinator to work as a client case manager.  The workshop is led by Maria Todd, author of the Employer's Guide to Medical Tourism Benefit Design. She brings more than 3 decades of practical experience in medical travel coordination to the topic. She shares tips, tools and techniques from her experience working hands-on in payer/provider contracting, health law paralegal work, healthcare business administration work as a hospital and ambulatory surgery center administrator, travel coordination as a professional medical travel coordinator, and clinical background as a surgical nurse. She bundles these experiences and shares insights from working on medical travel assignments in more than 120 countries.

6-Week Mentorship Program

You will be assigned a coach to help you step-by-step towards building a profit generating medical tourism facilitation company. Your mentor is an expert in the field of medical tourism facilitation with decades of hands-on experience to ensure your questions are answered quickly and completely. Mentors assign learning exercises and reading while you are in the 6-week program.

Each week, you'll spend 45-60 minutes in a private coaching session via Skype or another web-based, synchronous communication platform scheduled at a mutually convenient time for both student and mentor. In between coaching sessions, you'll have access to your mentor via email for questions or clarifications as you complete your independent learning assignments.

Startup Plan - 12 months

MTF Pro Membership Plan Members work with their mentor to develop a 12- month business plan that integrates the strategies you have created for your business model into a highly organized and step-by-step startup plan. Together with your mentor, you'll deconstruct the strategies into executable steps you develop into achievable, short-term and long-terms milestones and benchmarks. Together with your mentor as a coach, you will identify and discuss the actions you must execute for each step and the goals to measure your success.

Professional Risk Management

In medical tourism, there are many moving parts and events that interrupt the patient experience with an untoward event. Some of these are under your care and professional control while others are completely outside your scope of services.  You'll receive guidelines, sample forms and template documents to protect your organization assets and preserve transparency for liability at all times.

Website/SEO Services

MTF Pro Membership Members can choose to use our cloud-based medical tourism coordinator platform. The platform is a content management system designed specifically for medical tourism patient coordination. Members enjoy discounts on website creation and deployment, and SEO treatments that get you excellent placement in the leading search engines. Your site will be found on Google, Yahoo, Weibo (China) and Bing and be search engine friendly once our work is completed. We'll also help you to edit the content you write according to the best practices for SEO and SER.

Medical Tourism Website Assessment

MTF Pro Membership Members are welcome to request a website assessment.  Our experts will critique your website and explain where improvement is necessary and provide specific guidance on what to improve and how.  This service is included with your membership fee and limited to one assessment per year.  After your first assessment, any subsequent assessment and feedback consultation is available for a modest fee. Subsequent assessments are available by the page or for the entire website.

Private Member Networking Forums

As a MTF Pro Membership Member, you are entitled to choose one free membership into our exclusive member forums. Choose the membership forum that interests you. Additional forum memberships on other topics are available at a modest (USD 25) annual supplement.  Forums give you the opportunity to network with medical providers, insurance companies, employers, hospital administrators, hoteliers, tourism and economic development officials, travel agents, and other facilitators and medical tourism professionals to increase your annual patient flow and learn from one another.

Business Plan Development Critique

As a MTF Pro Membership Member, you are entitled to request a confidential critique of your medical tourism facilitation business plan. Our experts will read and critique your road-map and financial projections that are the framework for your businesses success. They will point out any misassumptions, incomplete or flawed strategies, and help you design your unique path to success for the next 3-5 years ahead and outline the pathway to increase your business revenues, find and exploit new innovations and grow your brand.

Supplier Contract Templates

MTF Pro Membership Members receive template contracts and supplier agreements to memorialize understandings, duties and responsibilities, compensation arrangements, and other matters between the medical tourism facilitator and hospitals, clinics, physicians, hotels, drivers, airlines, destination coordinators, and other suppliers involved in your provider network. These templates should be reviewed by your legal counsel to ensure that you are legally protected during medical travel and logistics coordination.

Patient Waiver and Consent Templates

MTF Pro Membership Members benefit from template contracts that outline and detail essential patient consents, financial terms and waivers of liability. These documents comprise the service agreements between the patient and the medical tourism facilitator that detail how you earn and are paid your fees and reduce your professional liability if a complication or untoward event arises during the patient's episode of care.  You'll fill in your unique details into these convenient, time-saving template forms and then present them to your attorney for legal review and determination that they are enforceable and defensible before use.  This valuable member benefit will save you hundreds of dollars in legal fees for contract drafting.

Supplier Evaluation Forms

MTF Pro Membership Members receive time-saving, valuable checklists and evaluation forms to inspect hospitals, hotels and other guest accommodations, restaurants, ground transfer services, destination coordinators and more. Each is a reusable fill-in-the-blanks template that you can use during your site inspection tours and supplier interviews or at B2B networking sessions at various events around the world.  These forms can also be used with several iOs and Android tablet survey tools widely available that can take your entire evaluation and documentation process paperless.

Pricing Options and Compensation Models

MTF Pro Membership Members receive detailed examples bundled pricing options and service agreement models to get paid. Avoid generalities and regulatory compliance constraints that may restrict your business model and prohibit fee splitting in the countries where you are working.  Whether your model is service fee or commission percentages your coach will answer your questions in the context of your unique business model and for the rules in the countries in which you intend to do business.

Patient Information Forms

MTF Pro Membership Members receive templates to help them gather and make use of very specific medical information about their clients and companion travelers. Use these time-saving, comprehensive forms to collect information from the client that is essential and required by hospitals, doctors, airlines, hotels and destination coordinators for a safe, well-designed medical tourism experience.  Email, written and telephone interview forms are also included to help you communicate effectively with prospective clients that inquire about your medical tourism service offers and destination options.

Client Communication Templates

MTF Pro Membership Members receive template email and other sample correspondence tools to help you communicate with medical tourism clients effectively.  These can be integrated into your email program as auto-responder tools, or custom responses to communicate next steps and other information to your clients.

Patient Experience Maps

MTF Pro Membership Members receive sample user experience (UX) maps that illustrate end-to-end the steps in the planning, pre-departure, payment, destination, and aftercare activities. These help you to communicate expectations and process to clients, their companion travelers, suppliers and third-party payers (as applicable to the group health medical travel setting). These illustrations serve as a backup quality process workflow and are especially helpful in preparation for documentation required for serious quality and safety and service certifications such as ISO-9001:2015.

Outcomes Metrics and Evaluations

MTF Pro Membership Members receive sample outcomes measurement tools to measure hospital, hotel and other supplier performance as well as MTF client satisfaction. These sample documents will help you elicit feedback and generate testimonials you might use to build trust in your brand, continually improve your services, and transparently demonstrate your commitment to client satisfaction.

Vetting Supplier Credentials and Qualifications

MTF Pro Membership Members receive sample process maps and forms you can use to verify supplier credentials and qualifications and licensure, as well as professional liability insurance, malpractice history, and overall international patient readiness. Specialized forms are included for hospitals and clinics, doctors, dentists, therapists, nurses, drivers, hotels, destination coordinators and others involved in your approved and contracted provider or supplier network.

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