The medical tourism fam tour in Greece will help referral partners and corporate buyers open a new medical tourism destination for their clients, insureds and employees

Qualified medical tourism facilitators, tour operators, and travel agents are invited to apply to participate in a fully-hosted introductory trade mission to ignite business development and increase medical tourism referrals to Greece in May, 2015. A group of private sector stakeholders in Greece have engaged Mercury Advisory Group to identify and vet qualified applicants. The hosts will make their invitations from the short list of vetted candidates.

Who should apply to participate?

Qualified medical tourism facilitators with more than 3 years of business activity in medical tourism and health travel and an established track record and verifiable references are invited to apply. The invitation is also extended to insurers exploring medical tourism benefit expansion, and health and wellness benefits specialists working with employers with a global workforce.  Primary target source markets are the Balkans, CIS, elsewhere in Europe, and MENA. US and Canadian facilitators are welcome to apply.

Medical-Tourism-Facilitator's-handbook-2HandbookofMedicalTourismProgramDevelopment“I am looking forward to the event. I reviewed the agenda and activities planned for the mission and it is very exciting!” says Maria Todd,  health tourism strategist and author of four books on medical tourism business development. Her medical tourism books, published by international publisher Informa’s Productivity Press, include The Medical Tourism Facilitator’s Handbook, the Handbook of Medical Tourism Program Development, and the Employer’s Guide to Medical Tourism Benefit Design.

Dates are 16-21 May, 2015.
Please Contact Mercury Advisory Group soon to submit your application to participate. Spaces are very limited.

About Mercury Advisory Group

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Mercury Advisory Group is an international consultancy with more than 30 years of medical tourism business development experience on five continents. Consulting experts specialize in helping the medical tourism stakeholders, insurers, and industry partners to succeed in the business of medical tourism.

Dr Maria Todd, founder and CEO of the Mercury Advisory Group is also the organizer of the first and only online data and information repository and answer forum for medical tourism strategy.  She also contributes and manages a recently launched Facebook page, Health Tourism Development in Greece

In 2014, Todd was engaged by the Greek government project manager, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ), an international project management enterprise owned by the German Federal Government that has been awarded a contract to manage ten pillars of Greek Healthcare Reform.  Her project includes three deliverables for the tenth pillar: a situation analysis and diagnostic report, planning and leading a public and private sector stakeholder workshop, and to propose the national strategy for medical, health and wellness tourism business development in Greece. The project has been underway since October 2014 and will continue through the elections until project deliverables are completed.


Maria K Todd, MHA PhD
+30 21 1198 4864


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