Meet the Untouchables.

Mercury Health Travel has no allegiance to any seller, broker, network, PPO, HMO, insurance company or medical tourism association or management company - and receives no compensation from anyone other than its clients.

The only corporate health travel company solely committed to brokering private negotiations for corporate health and wellness travel for self-insured employers, labor unions and associations. We represent the corporate healthcare benefits buyers and only the buyers.

Our Approved Provider network of pre-inspected healthcare suppliers spans the USA, its territories and more than 100 countries on 6 continents.

Mercury Health Travel does not accept any payments from Approved hospitals and healthcare suppliers in the medical and dental tourism business in over 30 years. And we don't intend to start.

We share in no "sweet deals."
We have no "understandings" with healthcare facilities or clinicians.
We make no "special arrangements."
We have no "affiliations."
No obligations.
No allegiances.

Not with any hospital, clinic, trade association, management company, TPA, PPO, HMO, tourism board, or any seller of medical, dental or wellness travel procedures, whatsoever.

We represent the group health benefits buyer and only the buyer in the process of developing or expanding their unique health travel benefit program in the USA or abroad.

Participation in our Approved Provider program is 100% merit-based. We approve about 27% of the providers who request membership on our panels.

Mercury Health Travel offers clients unparalleled research, analysis and insight on providers of healthcare, travel, ground support, and destinations. Our negotiating capabilities are completely unprejudiced - except in our client's favor.

Bring the competency and intellect of more than three decades of industry experience in medical and dental tourism services coordination and payer negotiations to your company, union or membership association.

The way we do business, our clients are satisfied and return when they want to expand their network, services, or enroll new employees after a merger or acquisition.

If you are considering a corporate health travel benefit program, we invite you to speak with our clients or call Maria Todd, CEO directly at 800.727.4160.

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