When it comes to medical tourism travel planning...

there's a lot more to the process than simply buying a ticket on an airplane to a destination


Specialized Travel Planning for Medical Tourism Clients

Mercury Health Travel now offers specialized ticketing and travel planning just for special needs medical tourism patients and their travel companions.

Announcing our collaborative partnership!

Mercury Health Travel has partnered with FareBuzz (established in 1994) to help with medical tourism flight and accommodation arrangements. FareBuzz has all the right credentials, registrations and accreditations including ASTA, IATAN, CLIA and is registered in California, Washington, Nevada, Iowa, and Florida as a Registered Seller of Travel.


Mercury Health Travel's professional travel logistics coordination services are available at no additional cost to your client or your clinic or medical tourism facilitation company. 

We don't create any additional surcharges for the work we do. 

We don't refer or influence your clients' choices of  airlines, hotels or other travel and tourism suppliers. Your client maintains full control over preferences, times, itineraries and vendors.   We ensure that all logistics arrangements are handled. Once they've indicated their preferences, we arrange any specific furniture, flooring, environmental considerations, linens,  soaps, plants, etc., that must be managed to accommodate allergies, mobility challenges, and safety among other details. These are critical for a person recovering from a medical or surgical procedure with surgical incisions, medications, dressings, casts, braces, and other medical requirements.  
Without the required training and experience and now way to earn a commission on bookings, most hospitals, clinics and facilitators simply tell the patient what to book and let the client arrange their travel on their own. This approach adds unnecessary risk and gives rise to potential avoidable complications.
Mercury Health Travel steps in to fill this avoidable gap in service and improves quality and safety.


Special Seating Requirements

Medical travel patients often have special requirements both enroute to and when returning from their medical tourism destination.
Medical procedures and wound incisions may require very specific seating considerations that most travel agents and online travel sites are not prepared to accommodate in most cases.  Our medical travel planners work with our nurses to review the patients' and their travel companions' medical history, medications, health status and pre- and post-operative requirements to keep them safe, comfortable and reduce risks arising from complications of travel along their entire itinerary.
They choose seating and flight selections based on type of aircraft, class of service, medical requirements, access to the lavatory, stopover and connecting cities, budget, frequent traveler loyalty programs and other critical details.
Whether they need the lift to gain access to and from the aircraft, aisle chairs, wheelchair attendants, crutches, walkers and adaptive devices, or help and extra time to make international connections, we cover all the bases.


Special Dietary Requirements

simple breakfast muesliMedical Tourism patients may have special dietary or medication management requirements. These include arrangements for special meals, allergy precautions, and medication interaction implications that require special handling and advance arrangements.
Mercury Health Travel coordinators work with hospitals, clinics, and facilitators to ensure these details are managed for clients and their companion travelers. Our specially-trained coordinators work to ensure by meticulous follow through that the details carry through for any unanticipated, last minute itinerary changes necessitated by changes in aircraft, reroutes, canceled flights, weather conditions, or other travel interruptions.  
These details are rarely managed through online ticketing arrangements and overlooked by most regular travel agents because they simply don't have the training to understand the importance and no one thought to inform them. 

Specialized Medical Travel Logistics

Many regular travel agents simply book the ticket and wait for their commission payments. They don't care because they weren't trained to care or anticipate details they never learned.  They might enter in a special meal request, and sometimes they add frequent flyer numbers to the reservation. But when their usual commission basis is only 5% or the cost of the ticket, there's no incentive to go the extra mile for your client.
Mercury Health Travel coordinators work as professional medical tourism logistics intermediaries. We coordinate behind the scenes with the doctors, clinics, hospitals and medical tourism facilitators, the airports and hotels, and the travel booking agent of record. Your patients' medical privacy and financial information are guarded carefully in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.  The majority of our work is for plan participants of employers that permit their employees to access a medical tourism service paid by the employer's health benefit program.  Our nurses and travel coordinators are on duty around the clock and it is easy for us to make these services available to our medical tourism hospitals, clinics and facilitator clients.

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Facilitators, Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Professionals Only

We are unable to accommodate independent consumers seeking medical tourism services at this time. To arrange for our assistance, please ask your employer or insurer to contact us.

With no extra charge to you or your patient, there's lots of reasons to add this convenient and valuable service.

Using a checklist developed over decades of health travel work, Mercury Health Travel's experienced destination medical travel inspections team has inspected thousands of airports, health facilities, hotels, spas, tourist attractions, restaurants, and other tourist service accommodations in more than 120 countries. The purpose of the inspections is to specifically to pre-approve them for medical tourism respite care and logistical coordination for  special needs travelers traveling to and from destinations where they plan to access health services.
Our detailed checklists cover location safety and security, accessibility, support services, furniture, wall and floor covering materials, use of plants and organic materials in public spaces, potential allergens in cosmetic amenities, foods and textiles (linens, towels, soaps, foods and beverages, etc.), and the availability of mobility support services. Checklists also cover hired car, shuttles, taxis and and other ground transfer services to ensure that mobility challenged travelers and their companions are not expected to climb in and out of high profile shuttles, or to pile in and out of tiny compact cars used as taxis in many countries.

To get started using our services, just call our office and we'll answer any questions for you.

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