With a fast and easy way to check for conflicts of interest, our consulting teams can quickly determine which matters to accept—before valuable work time has been expended.

We work in the global health market where stakes are high and the politics are not safe for the uninitiated. When we do this, sometimes we have to endure some really challenging accusations that, if sustained, could give rise to serious litigation and compliance problems in terms of corruption. That’s why we don’t accept every request for assistance that comes our way. Some are wrong for our business, and others present jeopardy for our clients if we were to accept them. In those cases, we often refer callers out to other capable consultants if we exchange with from time to time. But when we face accusations, it’s a comfort to know our “house is clean”.

Recently, in a heated exchange on LinkedIn’s IMTJ Group, an troubled member of the group lobbed baseless accusations against Maria Todd, stating that she authored a new Greek Regulation that had something to do with a Nurse Scope of Authority. In an additional accusation, she asserted unequivocally that Todd was conflicted in developing a national strategy for a government client, which would benefit 12 private hospitals and private clinics, to position them for private deals (often referred to as “sweetheart deals”) which would then be shadow “controlled” by medical tourism facilitators under Todd’s influence and “control”. Nothing could be further from the truth in either situation.

The exchange, which has since been deleleted at the request of our client, was nevertheless an unnerving and tedious exchange for which we felt embarassment and pity for the accuser, (who was at one time associated with our firm). We took great comfort in our process and policies that include steps to avoid conflicts of interest to protect both our firm and its clients.

The complex nature of a modern consulting firm’s structure makes screening for conflicts of interest more difficult than ever.  We work with a team of independent experts. They each have contracts of their own within their business, which in many cases, unless it directly involves a mutual client, we are not privileged to know the clients, projects, terms and conditions of their external engagements.

When working internationally, the prevalence of mergers, acquisitions, and lateral moves in the healthcare, health IT, health tourism, and investor arena underscores the need to thoroughly account for any potential conflicts. Using a sophisticated search engine, we use a systematic approach to identifying potential conflicts that greatly reduces the risk of taking on the wrong business or place our team members in difficult situations.

With a fast and easy way to check for conflicts of interest, our consulting teams can quickly determine which matters to accept—before valuable work time has been expended. Our tools search across unlimited relationship links to evaluate clients, matters, and related parties for potential conflicts.

With Mercury Advisory Group as your advisor, you can move ahead to a more profitable future knowing that you are working with one of the world’s leaders in professional consulting service firms that take business integrity seriously. With more than 30 years of experience, Mercury Advisory Group has the proven expertise, training and experience to help your business on its way to success.

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