To help our lean medical tourism start-up clients and visitors, we've compiled these free marketing tools for you.

Free Email Marketing Softwares


Email marketing is one of the powerful ways to drive more sales and traffic to your website.To perform your email marketing effectively here I am jotting down few cost effective to be technically free online tools to do email marketing.

  1. eFlyerMaker – Up to 25000 subscribers and up to 15000 emails.

  2. EmailServing – Up to 200 subscribers and unlimited emails.

  3. Freshmail – Up to 500 subscribers and 2000 emails per month.

  4. MailChimp – Up to 2000 subscribers and 1200 emails per month.

  5. ReachMail – Up to 5000 subscribers and 15000 emails per month.

  6. ResponseMagic – Up to 100 subscribers and unlimited broadcasting.

  7. Sendinblue – Unlimited contacts and 9000 emails per month.

  8. SendPulse – Up to 2500 subscribers and 15000 emails per month.

  9. TargetHero – Unlimited emails for up to 1000 contacts free forever.

  10. VerticalResponse – 300 contacts and 4000 emails per month.

  11. Zoho – 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails per month.

But just because sending the email is free through one of these platforms, remember that the designs, embellishment graphics, writing time, proofing and fact checking, layout, composition, SEO treatments, and the relevance of the message itself will determine the effectiveness of the email marketing campaign you send.


Free Marketing Templates  


One way to bootstrap your business is to do all that you and your friends and family can do on your own and then hire the experts from the Center for Health Tourism Strategy to help you the rest of the way.

99designs – 12 free email templates from professional designers.

Campaign Monitor – 20+ free email templates for commercial purpose.

EmailonAcid– 600+ free email templates.

Free-CSS – 100+ free business templates.

FreemailTemplates – 100’s of license free email templates.

Hubspot – The ultimate collections of free content marketing templates

Mplans – Plenty of health, beauty, and tourism related marketing plans available from which to choose

Templatesbox -Free templates available in all categories.

Free Email Trackers


Email trackers help you to segregate readers from non-readers so you can deploy a strategy to increase open rates.  We use these to see if and when our emails are opened.

Hubspot Email Tracker


Mail Track for Gmail – App for chrome



Free Landing Page Creation Templates and Tools

Well-designed landing pages could convert views into leads. The contain "sticky" messages and calls to action (CTAs) and are visually rich and interesting. -Single page,editable content,Free hosting ,Custom domain,Editable content,easy to share with your friends and followers. – easy to customize landing pages with a click and draggable option.

Ontrapages – You can build up to 10 unique pages,option to get leads straight into your inbox. -mobile compatible with 100% free hosting.


Free Explainer Video makers- Marketing tools for small business

With these resources, you can easily create explainer videos for your product and service. If your accent is heavy and not neutral, considering hiring out the voice over to a professional

Animaker – Animaker is an online do-it-yourself (#DIY) animation video maker that brings studio quality presentations within everyone’s reach.The free plan includes 2 mins video length ,5 exports per month and many.

Animatron – Free plan includes 5 public projects and 2GB storage.

PowToon – 11 styles, 38 tunes, up to 5mins but no download.

RenderForest– includes videos from all categories,no editing limitations,downloadable but has a watermark in the free version.


The Center for Health Tourism Strategy website is our gift to the medical tourism industry. It came about because our experts needed a repository of tools, reference materials that we've developed and collected over more than 35 years in the medical tourism industry. It makes no sense to keep it locked up. Similar to a house - most architects design from a basic core model: floor, roof, walls, windows.

Market Penetration and Competitor Analysis 

Medical Tourism Facilitator Business Life Cycle Checklist

Medical Tourism Core Competency Analysis

Medical Tourism Target Market Analysis 

Medical Tourism Competition Analysis 

Medical Tourism Substitution Analysis 

Health & Wellness Tourism Market Penetration, Development and Product Development 

Medical Tourism Product & Service Scoring Models 

Medical Tourism Brand Audit Analysis 

We know that many startups cannot afford to hire a consultant to help with these necessary startup tasks.  Therefore, we don't mind if you model your documents and business standards and practices off of our checklists. That's because we are confident that our value comes from how we gather and analyze data we're given and the recommendations we make in specific situations and project assignments. In fact, we're delighted that you intend to set your standards and best practices in medical tourism with these informative and useful how-to tools.

We do get a little touchy, however, when people copy our tools for resale. Please don't ruin a good thing for everybody by doing that.  If we catch anyone at it, we'll shut everything down and keep it private - and prosecute you for copyright violation under the fullest extent of international law.